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The Community Edition is freely available under the terms of the GNU Public License v3. Community Edition support is limited to the contributions on the user group. The Professional Edition is required for use in production environments or commercial applications, and for any users requiring a support agreement. 

 Community Edition
 Professional Edition
 License  GNU Public License v3  Contact Us
 Support  Jagornet DHCP Users Group  Email
 Open Source
 Stateful DHCPv6 - RFC 3315
 Prefix Delegation - RFC 3633
 DNS Options - RFC 3646
 Stateless DHCPv6 - RFC 3736
 Dynamic DNS Updates - RFC 4703, RFC 4704
 Static Bindings (Reservations)
 DHCPv4 - RFC 2131, RFC 2132
 IPv6 Ready Certification
 Production or Commercial Use  
 Priority Bug Fixes
 Feature Requests
 Java Management Extensions
 Configuration GUI (coming soon)
 More Information
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