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Jagornet DHCP Server is developed in Java using a highly-scalable, multithreaded architecture designed to handle the next generation of networks.  The Java platform ensures that the server will run on the widest number of platforms, while also taking full advantage of multi-core processors and 64-bit computing, all without code modification.  Compared to common C-based alternatives, the long-term stability and maintainability of the Jagornet DHCP Server offers a clear advantage to organizations which need to continue to support IPv4 while moving to IPv6.

Feature  Jagornet  ISC  WIDE  Dibbler 
Platforms  Linux, Windows, Solaris, BSD  Linux, Solaris, BSD  Linux, BSD  Linux, Windows 
Open Source 
Stateful DHCPv6 - RFC 3315 
Prefix Delegation - RFC 3633 
DNS Options - RFC 3646 
Stateless DHCPv6 - RFC 3736 
Dynamic DNS Updates - RFC 4703, RFC 4704 
IPv6 Phase II Certified 
*Separate instance required